Working with us

Community Carer involves driving to visit people in the nearby areas and generally helping them with the following tasks:

Getting out of bed.

Washing, toileting and dressing.

Help with meals


Putting back to bed.

Typically you may spend half an hour with a client before moving on to the next one.  You can start at 7.00AM and work till 22:30, as many days as you like.

All training is paid for and normally takes around 2 weeks before graduating as a qualified practitioner.  You should have a driving licence and reasonable level of English.  If your English is really good then we may consider employing you if you do not drive.  We can consider you if you are a couple.

It is possible that for a couple of months we can assist you by renting accommodation and a car but you would be expected to be independent following this period because you would have earnt enough money to enable this.

On average, it is typical to take home £1,800 per 4 week period but it depends on what days and hours you work.

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